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April 16th
I have guided a half dozen times in the past few weeks and the fishing and catching is starting to pick up. The water clarity is starting to clear up with about 3 feet or more of visibility depending on your location and flow. The best fishing is when the water is dropping and has been turned off for a few hours or longer. Areas that are the most productive tend to be shoal areas with a decent flow with 3-5 feet of water. It seems like the bigger rainbows are right on the bottom and are caught on a dead drift with and occasional short upstream lift of a foot or less. If you r drag the indicator several feet upstream then drop it then it seems like you are going to catch tons of stockers. Last Sunday a single yellow mop fly caught well over 30 fish before we broke it off on a much larger bow. I am pretty much booked up until November, but I can add you to my short list if someone cancels. New rates for 2022 are $280 for one or $320 for 2. I provide all of the gear and you provide your drinks, lunch and fishing licenses. As always its best to contact me via text at 502 432-5188.

Take care,
Dave DeBold
Double D Outfitters
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